Parties and Popular Festivals
The Festa do Alvarinho e do Fumeiro

The Festa do Alvarinho e do Fumeiro, that usually happens at the end of April, beginning of May, is a gastronomy showcase especially dedicated to the promotion and divulging of the region’s wine and smoked products. If you have the opportunity to visit Melgaço during this festival, you will have the chance to be delighted with bread, honey, smoked ham, blood sausages and wine – the Alvarinho of course! Melgaço’s regional products, especially the wine, the smoked products, the ‘cabrito’, the lamprey are proof of its people’s habits, namely its connection to the earth and to the river Minho, the agricultural cycles and the use of endogenous resources.

This festival, whose importance has been recognized since 2009, when the Portuguese Tourism Institute awarded it with the Declaration of Interest for Tourism, besides gastronomy events (at local restaurants), also gathers a group of taverns located in the fair, local products’ contests and even a few sport activities.

The producers of Alvarinho and smoked products of the region are present at the festival. Through suitable promoting of the event and some important partnerships, the Festival is now a key event in the gastronomic festivals in the country, attracting people from various parts of the country and also a large number of Spaniards, mainly from neighboring region of Galicia.

It is intended that the event constitutes a high point in the strategy outlined by the Municipality for the promotion of local products and related activities, such as Alvarinho wines, the smoked products, crafts, tourism, gastronomy and others, as well as a unique opportunity for the creation and consolidation of ties between the commission trade, consumers and production. The dishes are varied and a taste of what is best in this Minho region. Food tasting, gastronomic days and tasquinhas with some of the most typical dishes of the region like smoked pork, lamb/goatling and lamprey are some of the possibilities of the festival.

Together, all these products carefully fulfill the potential, the richness and the specialties of the countryside, allowing the development of an integrated and complete offering to the visitor that seeks a more intimate contact with an area of excellence.